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Welcome to The Preachers Journal!

Proclaiming the Love and Grace of God as given in the Blood, the Book and the Blessed hope

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

Welcome to the preachers journal; our flagship for ministry over the internet. Our content is neither legalistic, liberal or politically correct, I believe it is sound Bible doctrine, determined by proven Hermeneutics which are applied to the theological, doctrinal and cultural needs of our day. You will find my material to be Evangelical, PreTribulational, Dispensational and biblically traditional. There are hundreds of outlines posted with more being added regularly. In addition to teaching & preaching outlines you will find links to messages given from the pulpit of Calvary Missionary Baptist Church; "The Inspiring Word" my writing and commentary for the "Blue Ridge Christian News"; There is a contact and prayer request page and the "About Us" page is information about my wife, myself and the Lords work through our lives. Take time to visit the website, become familiar with it, use it with the understanding my prayer for "The Preachers Journal" to be a blessing to your walk with the Lord.

Brother Terry Cheek

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The Inspiring Word

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The link above will redirect you to the most recent issue of "The Blue Ridge Christian News". Where I am published monthly as a contributing pastoral writer.
The link above will redirect you to my sermon audio web page, our sister site. From this site we can be heard via Roku, Chromecast, personal computer, smart phones, and tablets using the latest technology to deliver the good news of Jesus Christ.

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