Psalm 139:23,24


Intro. Our daily lives have us running around like no other time in history. It seems impossible for us to keep up with everything were doing. Does anyone other than me have that problem? We have note pads, day planners, PDA’s and computers. With all this we still forget things. Well has it ever occurred to you that nothing has ever occurred to God!! That’s right God has never forgotten anything. God never will either. In Psalm 139 David remembers this, takes some time and reflects upon it, we should too. Then in the last two verses David takes time to ask God to do three things, three things we need to look at and consider how they apply to us today, let’s look at what David ask God to do with him.


I. Search Me

            A. Are we willing to ask God, Search Me? Why should we>

                        a. No self deception

                        b. No false hopes

                        c. No false desires


            B. Know my heart, know my feelings.

                        a. God knows- Joy

                        b. God knows- Discouragement

                        c. God knows- Comfort

                        d. God knows- Grief

                        e. God knows- Sorrow

                        f.  God knows- Gladness


II. Try Me

            A. When David ask God to “try me,” he ask God to test him. Not because God needed to learn something about David. David needed to learn something about himself. Are we willing to ask god “try me.” We better if we want to be right with God. When we do, we better be prepared for testing, by testing I mean.

                        a. Testing is done by God (not temptation)

                        b. Testing is done for us.

                                    1. For our cleansing

                                    2. For our maturity

                                    3. For our faith

                                    4. For our witness


            B. Know my Thoughts, or Concerns

                        a. Priorities toward God are revealed

                        b. Position with God is revealed

                        c. Perception of God is revealed


III. Lead me

     We know David has ask God to search his heart and try him for his thoughts,         lastly David asks God to lead him. David ask God to lead him in very specific areas.


            A. Way- Journey

            For God to lead in our life we must be open to His path.

            Proverbs 3:6- Tells us if we will acknowledge God in all areas of life He       

           Will make clear our paths, that doesn’t mean they will be easy

            But they will be easily recognized.

            If God is going to lead us down life’s Journey, down the clear paths.

            We must be obedient and follow. How do we know obedience?

            1. Ten Commandments

            2. Holy Spirit

            3. Gods word


            B. Everlasting-Journey’s end

            Life has an end, physical life, then comes eternity. Eternity will be

            everlasting life or death.


Conc. This morning I ask you, first are you saved, do you know beyond a doubt that Jesus Christ is you lord and savior. Christian, have you ask God to search you, if not what’s stopping you. If you think you’re going to avoid the trials and tests of God, well your not. You see they are going to come, you can go through them in God’s will or outside of God’s will. Can you come this morning and ask the same thing David did, Search me, Try me and lead me.